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Social Work

“Whenever you do this for one of the least important of these brothers of mine, you did it for me” (Mt. 25, 40). Of the total income of each house, 12% is set aside and spend for social service. Of this, 6% is meant for project work and another 6% for other social purposes. The Fund is mainly utilized for education, construction of houses, marriage, medical treatment, alms, loans without interest, etc. Various inspirational programmes are undertaken:


Bethania: This is a terminal care centre at the Province level for the protection of the poor and the needy women. Five full-time sisters are rendering service since 2002.


Mount Carmel Special School for the mentally Handicapped at Mullurkara was founded in 1995: Five sisters are serving 48 mentally challenged students, of whom seven are boarders. Since its inception, it was supported economically by 30 of our own convents. This was run without any aid from sponsors till 2010, when the Government sanctioned some help.


Jail Ministry: Sisters are animators of the Thrissur and Chavakkad units. Their services include Counselling, prayer services and weekly visit of the jail-inhabitants of Viyyur Sub-jail which is directed to help the convicts be aware of their situation so as to change their lives.


Sponsoring of the Womens Ward in the Government Mental Hospital: The Province has sponsored Aswini Ward, where the rehabilitation of those sick women who have recovered from the illness is taken care of through Occupational Therapy, distribution of clothing, stationery items and organising entertainments during the feasts of Onam, Christmas etc. Sr.Josephine was a full-timer here till 2019.

St. John’s Counselling Centre: The services of one Psychiatrist, one Psychologist and a Psychotherapist is made available in this centre, including a Sister.This is also a de-addiction centre helping the clients to keep away from smoking, drinking and drugs, through counselling and psychiatric treatment.


Nirmala Child Guidance Centre: In collaboration with the MSW Department of Vimala College, this Centre concentrates on fifty families helping the parents, students and youth through seminars and guidance. They are helped by a Psychiatric social worker, a Pediatrician and a Psychologist.


Social Centres: There are eight Social Centres which help the women and girl children of the localities to become self-reliant by giving training in tailoring, cutting and embriodery stitching. Orphanages: There are three Institutions owned by the Archdiocese in which CMC sisters are serving under the Diocesan Director.

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