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“I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. Go, then, to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples” (Mt. 28, 18-19). Nirmala CMC sisters are working in Kalyan Diocese (five houses) as well as in Germany (one house at Staufen -1996). In all, there are 27 sisters in the Kalyan Mission and five sisters at Staufen, Germany and 2 sisters in the common general house.


These sisters help in proclaiming the Kingdom by giving leadership in Catechism, involvement in various organisations or movements for the Youth, parents, and family yogams. The house visits and preparing the children for the Holy Communion are also platform for the Gospel dissemination.Our sisters reached the African land on 1 March 1977. The African mission was entrusted to Nirmala Province in 1986. Sr. Vineetha and Sr. Seema are there in Africa for quarter of a century.4 sisters are serving there at present.


By 1997, an English Medium School was started at Kigoma, East Africa. From 1996 onwards, we began to receive native vocations from Africa and the first batch of three native African novices were professed in 2000. Now there are nine professed sisters from the Dark Continent. On 8 September 2003, Sr. Vineetha was appointed as the first Novice Mistress at the Novitiate House in Tanzania.


Our African missionaries are doing the pastoral work in the parishes, teaching at the Seminary, and working at the Government Hospital. Sr. Chrispus was serving in the Street Children Project under the Kigoma Diocese for more than 25 Years, where more than 800 children are being taken care of. About 250 children are accommodated in the building sponsored by the Caritas. The Tanzanian Government honoured Sr. Chrispus for her meritorious services among the natives by conferring an award.In 2008, the African mission came under Chavara Region and has now become more self-reliant

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