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Healing Ministry

Integral Personality and Integral Salvation were the motives behind the ministry of Jesus. Therefore He became a Liberator for sinners and a Physician for the sick. The initiation of service in the hospital field began in 1925 when four of the Sisters started working at the Government Hospital in the heart of Thrissur.

A CMC sister was entrusted with the duty of Matron in the Government Hospital in 1945 and in 1955 sisters was given the responsibility of the T.B. Sanitorium which was constructed at Mulankunnathukavu. The sisters continued their service in the Civil Hospital till 1986, when Sr. Simon Stock was retired from service. Meanwhile many sisters were sent for Nursing, Para medical and medical training courses so as to enable them to effectively engage in the field.
Through the service in our own hospitals and by their presence in the diocesan hospitals, they are able to serve the needy poor and sick. Our sisters have thus served in the following Hospitals: St. Vincent De Paul Dispensary Ollur, St. Joseph’s Hospital Velupadam, Jubilee Mission Hospital Tcr, San Jose Hospital Pavaratty.
The first hospital of CMC (St. Joseph’s Hospital) began in Choondal (1969) out of the farsightedness of Fr. G.F. Choondal. It has become a General Hospital today having a capacity of 300 beds with all facilities.



The second hospital was started in 1982 at the request of the parishioners and the common public at Ollur (St. Vincent De Paul). Today it has a capacity of nursing 200 patients.
The nursing Schools were started adjoining both the Hospitals at Choondal and at Ollur with an annual intake of 50 and 25 students respectively.

Our sisters were engaged in the service of the poor lepers in the Erumapetty locality from 1979 till 1988.In 1996, Dr. Sr. Priya began her services in the Euphrasia Homoeo Bhavan near St. Mary's Convent Ollur. At present we have 3 Homeo clinics.The sisters serving in this field are the heralds of Pro-life movement.

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