-The first and foremost Apostolic Mission of C.M.C.

-The F.F.T (Faith Formation Team) is formulated in order to make the Christian Formation of the people of God more effective and fruitful.

- Ten percent of the members of various age groups of Nirmala Province are engaged in this field.
- Four percent of the total income of the province is set apart for this purpose.
- The faith formation can be envisaged in ten main streams as follows :

1. Family ministry Home Mission
2. Faith Formation through catechism
3. Campus Ministry

a. Carmel buds
b. Carmel blossoms
c. Carmel Youth

4. C.M.C Associates animation
5. Charismatic Renewal
6. Bible Animation
7. Saint Euphrasia Evangelization faith formation ministry
8. Evangelization through Mass Media and Publication
9. Evangelization through Jail Ministry
10. Special Evangelization Ministries:-

a. Word ministry and counselling service at Kripatheertham (Prayer house) by Sr. Grace Thomas.
b. Open Houses
c. Counselling Centre at St. Johns Convent by Sr. Jose Mary & Team
d. Santhi Dham Clinical Counselling Centre by Dr. Sr. Dalmatia & Team e. NEST.

Family Ministry-  Home Mission
10% of the members serve as full-time members in this field. We the C.M.C alone could extend our services of home Mission in 33 parishes and another 10 parishes in co- operation with the other Congregations from February 2005 Feb 2010.

2. Catechism
We have been rendering our services in conducting Sunday Catechism in our parishes and daily catechism in our schools, and also in helping to conduct intensive catechism during long vacations, and helping the parish priests in preparing the children for first Holy Communion. Besides the above fields, our sisters do lead and guide the members of the organisations like K.C.S.L, C.L.C, Holy Childhood etc.

3. Campus Ministry in schools and colleges
Our L.P. and U.P. children are grouped as Carmel Buds and are given Bible classes, quiz programmes etc. besides their regular catechism. So also are the various programmes for the H.S students who come under the group of Carmel Blossoms. The college students come under the group of Carmel Youth.

4. C.M.C Associates
This is the group of lay women who co-operate with us in many of our spiritual and social service activities. Seminars and one-day reflections are conducted for them in order to empower them and to enable them to help each other both spiritually and socially.

5. Charismatic Renewal Gathering
Charismatic Renewal Gathering is conducted every first Friday when the charismatic leaders from different communities engage in vigil and conduct prayer. Herein there will be talks and sharing.

6. Bible Animation:
Those who are interested in deepening the Word of God are chosen from each community and are given training in Bible Study and meditation. They are given leadership in Bible Quiz, Bible Seminar and Logos Quiz etc.

7. Bl. Euphrasia- Evangelisation Faith Formation Ministry:
10 sisters are engaged in this ministry alone. They are in the intercession group; help in adoration and in the making of medals and their distribution. Now the Euphrasian Spousal Retreats are being initiated shortly.

8. Evangelization through Mass Media and Publication:
Help in the dissemination of history and spirit of Carmelite saints through books and films and CDs.9. Evangelization through Jail Ministry: Weekly Visit at Sub-Jail Viyyur, one-hour proclamation of the Word of God and prayer service. Through Counselling, retreats, Holy Mass a renewal among the jail-dwellers are effected. The members participate in regional, National and State Meetings of the Jesus Fraternity.

10. Special Evangelization Ministry:
This is made possible through the Prayer House at Kripatheertham, five Open houses, Counselling Centre, and the De-addiction Centre NEST (= Natural Empowering and Survival Treatment and Research Centre). .